Locked Staking

Buy $FINC before staking.

Deposit $FINC to Locked Staking

Users can opt-in to lock their FINC tokens for higher reward APRs and allocation boosts. Finceptor offers four options: 90-day, 180-day, 360-day, and 720-day locked staking. Locked staking provides allocation boost multipliers ranging from 1.3x to 3x, with APR rates of 5% to 20%, based on the staking pool's lock-in period.

  • The 90-day staking pool offers a 5% APR and 1.3x allocation boost.

  • The 180-day staking pool offers a 7,5% APR and 1.5x allocation boost.

  • The 360-day staking pool offers a 10% APR and 2x allocation boost.

  • The 720-day staking pool offers a 15% APR and 3x allocation boost.

How does Allocation Boost work?

If a user stakes 100 $FINC in a 360-day staking pool, their allocation will be calculated as if they had staked 200 $FINC compared to the participants of Flexible Staking.

Locked Staking Contract Creation Limit

If users want to make a locked stake again after already making one, the number of staking contracts that can be created at the same time is 20.

This means that a user could stake up to 20 times without any limit, but once the number of staking contracts reaches 20, the user needs to wait for at least one contract to mature and be claimed. After that, the user can stake again up to the number of contracts that have matured and been claimed.

Withdraw Details

Users need to wait until the maturity date to withdraw their initial staked FINC tokens. However, they can withdraw the earnings from the APR whenever they want.

How do I stake $FINC to the Locked Staking Pool?

To stake $FINC in the locked staking pool, head over to the official page and connect your Web3 wallet.

After connecting your wallet, move your cursor to the 'Staking' tab at the top of the screen. You should then choose the Locked staking options.

After selecting Locked Staking, you will see lock-up period options. Choose your preferred period, click on it, and review the pool details.

When you select the desired option, enter the amount you want to stake and review the 'APR,' 'Allocation Boost,' 'Projected Reward,' and 'Maturity Date'.

If everything aligns with your preferences, click on the 'Stake' button, and then confirm through your web3 wallet. Don't forget to have a small amount of $BNB in your wallet for network fees.

To review the details of your locked stakings, click on the 'Withdraw' tab. You can observe your staking history with projected reward and maturity date, total staked amount, total reward, and claimable amount.

When the maturity date arrives, you can withdraw your staked tokens.

Note that locked staking programs are continuously updated to adapt to user needs. Please use the Help Center for further questions.

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