Claim-to is a tool that enables users to claim their tokens to any address they want.

Claim-to is a tool designed to enhance the user experience by allowing tokens to be claimed and sent to a user’s preferred address. This address could be a centralized exchange’s token deposit address or any other user's wallet address. As long as the address is valid, the user will be able to claim their tokens directly to that address.

Claim-to Claiming Process Outline:

  • Users will enter the preferred address where they want their tokens to be claimed.

  • Users will hit the claim button, and after receiving confirmations from the user's web3 wallet extension, tokens will be transferred to the specified address.

  • If users want to change the address where they want to claim their tokens, they can hit the edit button and replace it with another valid address.

Note that the deposit wallet will be used as the default wallet. Changing the claim wallet once doesn't change the following claim addresses.

Pros of Claim-to:

  • Users can avoid the transaction fees associated with claiming and then sending the tokens to their centralized exchanges. Instead of two transactions, they will be able to handle the whole process with one transaction and pay the fee for only one transaction.

  • Users can avoid the excess processing time of first claiming the tokens and then sending them to a centralized exchange's address by waiting for only one transaction to occur.

  • Since users will be able to submit their preferred claim address to the user interface before claims are open, there won’t be a rush of copying and pasting addresses, and the risk of sending tokens to wrong addresses will be avoided.

The claim-to feature works only for claims; if a user hits the refund button, the refunded amount of USDT will be sent to the wallet in which the user made investments during the sale rounds.

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