Stake $FINC

Users can participate in IDOs on Finceptor by staking a minimum of $1 worth of $FINC.

The allocation policy is straightforward yet powerful: The more and longer the stake in $FINC, the greater the allocation.

Users have two staking options

  1. Flexible Staking: A time-flexible deposit and withdrawal functions with respectively lower Reward APR and Allocation Boost.

  2. Locked Staking: A time-locked staking pool with higher Reward APRs and Allocation Boosts.


I have staked my tokens in the locked staking pool. Additionally, if I stake more tokens in the Flexible or any other staking pool with different durations, will my allocations increase?

Yes, do not forget; the more and the longer you stake $FINC, the greater your allocation will be. You can stake your tokens in different pools, and when your allocations are being calculated, they will all be considered for your allocations.

Why are locked staking pools closed temporarily, and what determines their opening and closing?

Due to the operational mechanics of locked stake pools, it is necessary to close deposit and withdrawal operations for them to start and for reward distribution to commence. Therefore, after the locked stake pools are opened, a date is set for their closure, and the pool is either initiated when that date arrives or when the pool reaches full capacity. If all locked pools are closed, you can stake your $FINC tokens in the flexible pool and await the reopening of the locked pools.

I participated in the $FINC presale. Can I stake my presale vesting tokens?

No, you cannot stake your locked tokens; you can only stake them after they are unlocked by withdrawing them to your wallet and then staking.

Can I participate in sales on Finceptor by staking $FINC on centralized exchanges?

No, you cannot participate in sales on Finceptor by staking $FINC on centralized exchanges. You need to stake through Finceptor’s website.

In a previous sale, I had staked a certain amount of $FINC, and since then, I have not staked or withdrawn $FINC from your stake pools. Why did my allocations for the next sale change even though I did not withdraw the $FINC stake?

There are two main factors on Finceptor that determine the allocations in sales: the amount of $FINC you have staked and the duration of this stake. If more or fewer $FINC tokens are staked during the time between the previous sale and the next one, there may be changes in your purchasing rights, regardless of whether you break the stake duration. However, if you maintain the stake duration, you will still have an advantage over those who stake in any flexible pool.

Is there a commission required to withdraw $FINC from flexible or locked staking pools?

No, there is no $FINC commission required when withdrawing from the staking pools you participated in on Finceptor. You only need to have a small amount of $BNB in your wallet for network fees when making withdrawals or deposits.

I staked my $FINC tokens in the 6-month pool because the 12-month pool was closed. When the 12-month pool opens, can I transfer my tokens from the 6-month pool to the 12-month pool?

No, you cannot transfer them. You must first wait for the stake duration of the tokens you staked in the 6-month pool to mature. However, if you have idle $FINC tokens, you can stake them in the 12-month pool, or you can purchase $FINC from exchanges and stake them in the 12-month pool.

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