Finceptor PRO offers its users the opportunity to invest in the early rounds of blue-chip companies through Finceptor Pro.

Allocations for Finceptor Pro offerings will be calculated like IDOs; The more and longer the stake in $FINC, the greater the allocation.

Requirements to participate in Finceptor Pro’s Offerings:

  • At least 50,000 (dynamic number) staked $FINC in the locked-staking pools required. Users whose stake amount is below 50,000 won’t be able to access the Finceptor Pro deals.

  • Successfully completed KYC.

  • Signature of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, promising not to mention the projects launched on Finceptor Pro anywhere. Users who do not comply with this will not be able to access the Finceptor Pro deals.

Finceptor Pro Launch Campaign Offerings (Limited Time)

For the launch period of Finceptor Pro, Finceptor will decrease the staking requirement to 30,000 $FINC. Additionally, during this period, tokens staked in the Flexible Staking pool will also be counted, and the unstaking fee for Flexible Staking will be reduced to 0%.

Finceptor Pro Onboarding Process

Head over to the Finceptor website ( and connect your wallet.

Select the suitable staking option and stake at least 30,000 $FINC.

After staking 30,000 $FINC, head over to Finceptor Pro ( and ensure that KYC is verified and you have enough staked $FINC tokens. Then press the forward button.

Please read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy carefully and then check the ticker boxes by clicking on them. Next, press the “Submit” button and sign it with your Web3 wallet extension.

Now you’ve successfully become a Finceptor Pro member. Head over to the Finceptor Deals ( page and view the sales. Make sure that the Pro switch is on.

Click on to the Pro deal card, check the sales timeline & other metrics for the sale, and register for the sale just like in IDO sales. When the Guaranteed Round begins, users will be able to deposit their cash into the deal.


How to subscribe for PRO?

Stake 30k $FINC in either flexible or locked staking. This offer is valid for a limited time.

May I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes. You can unstake your Flexible staking tokens anytime.

Do I need to pay any cancellation fee?

No, for a limited time, we removed the unstaking fee.

Do my tokens count for the other deals as well?

Yes, your staked $FINC earns allocations from IDOs, OTCs, bonds, and PROs.

Where to become a member?

Head over to

What's the difference between a regular launchpad and a PRO?

Launchpad hosts public token sales, whereas the PRO hosts exclusive and tier-1 early-stage deals. Launchpad would have shorter lockups with higher valuations, and PRO would have longer lockups with lower valuations.

Moreover, PRO would provide access to projects that generally don't launch on launchpads. Those projects may raise private rounds only and move to direct listing.

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