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IDO Guide

How do I participate in IDOs?

To participate in the IDOs on Finceptor, you need to stake $FINC to get an allocation and complete KYC.
You can refer to the KYC guide and the $FINC staking guide for further information.

The sales consist of four steps.

Registration Period

Let's start with our registration process. Head over to the Deals page to see the live and upcoming deals.
Then, click on the project box for registrations.
Now you will able to see the project details and general information for the sale. Connect your Web3 wallet and click the "Register" button in the specified Registration Period. For example, the Registration Period for the Patex sale is between 27 December, 16:00 and 5 January, 16.00.
The displayed times are automatically adjusted based on the user's time zone.
Note that to earn an allocation in the sales, you have to complete KYC and stake at least $1 worth of $FINC.
Scroll down the page to review the token metrics and research article.
The exact allocation amounts will be displayed on the page before the sale. After the registration, you can increase your allocation by staking more $FINC. However note that to spend your allocation, i.e., deposit to the pool, you need to have verified KYC, staked at least $1 worth of $FINC, and registration. You can complete the KYC and stake $FINC tokens after the registration.
You should able to see the "You are registered" confirmation on the page.

Guaranteed Allocation Round

If you successfully completed the previous steps, you can invest in USDT on the BNB network within the specified time frame. The maximum purchase amount (allocation) will be displayed on the interface.
In this round, since allocations are pre-secured, users will have a time period to deposit USDT stablecoins. To use your allocation, simply enter the amount of USDT you want to invest in the box above the 'Invest' button and click the 'Invest' button.
If you couldn't participate in the Guaranteed Round, you can participate in the FCFS round if there are any unsold tokens from this round.

First-Come-First-Serve Round

If there are any unsold tokens from the Guaranteed Round, the remaining part will be offered to KYC'd users on a first-come-first-serve basis. Note that for every deal, there will be a minimum staking requirement depending on the deal conditions which will be announced a minimum of 1 day before the FCFS round and will be displayed on the UI.
As the unsold tokens will be offered to firstcomers, it's strongly recommended that users who want to participate ack quickly. Although there will be a maximum purchase amount, these rounds tend to fill up quickly due to high demand and limited resources. You can see your allocation on the 'Remaining Allocation' part on the project's sales page.
However, note that there will be a 10% fee in the FCFS Round. For example, if your allocation in this round is $250 and you plan to use the full amount, your wallet should have 10% more than the amount you intend to invest, which is $275, and you should have some $BNB for transaction fees. When making a purchase, you need to enter the amount you want to invest, and the 10% fee will be automatically calculated and deducted from your wallet.

Vesting (Claim) Period

The Vesting Period is where users can claim their purchased tokens based on the pre-announced vesting schedule. Note that in some IDOs, users will have unconditional refund windows. Scroll below to see the refund option details.
Warning: It is crucial to follow the official project announcements for CEX/DEX listing plans, as there can be many scammers attempting to fraud investors during this period. Please check the announced date for listing and exchanges through the project's official channels, and be cautious, especially if the listing happens before the specified date, particularly on decentralized exchanges.
Then, simply press the "Claim" button to withdraw your purchased tokens and executive your trading strategy.
Before withdrawing your tokens, please ensure you import the project's token contract address to your Web3 wallet; otherwise, even if the tokens are sent to your wallet, you won't see on the UI them until you add the token contract address.

Refund Option

Finceptor implements refund policies ranging from 1 hour to 7 days. In this particular refundable IDOs, users will see the "Request Refund" button next to "Claim". If you haven't claimed your tokens by clicking the 'Claim' button and the specified refund period has not elapsed, you have the right to request a refund by clicking the 'Request Refund' button, which refunds the entire amount you invested in the following 72 hours.
Warning 1: Your refund option expires as soon as you click the 'Claim' button; once you've withdrawn the tokens to your wallet, refunds are no longer possible.
Warning 2: If you decide to refund purchases made during the FCFS, the 10% fee applied during the purchase won't be refunded. For instance, if you invested $100 and paid $110, a refund would only return $100.


Do I have to withdraw the tokens I purchased in the IDO at the specified 'claim' time? Can I withdraw them later whenever I want? Is there a limit?
You can withdraw the tokens you purchased in the presale at any time after the specified 'claim' time; there is no limit.
I had staked my $FINC tokens, but I don't see any allocated purchase rights for the Guaranteed Allocation Round. What could be the reason?
To participate in IDOs, you need to complete three steps: complete KYC, stake $FINC, and register for the sale before the registration period ends. If you haven't completed KYC, it might not be visible even if you've staked and registered. Completing KYC will make your allocations visible. If you've staked and completed KYC but didn't register, it may not be visible, and you won't have the chance to participate in the Guaranteed Allocation Round after the registration period ends. You can wait for the First Come First Serve Round.
I earned allocations for the Guaranteed Allocation Round but forgot to use them, and the round has ended. Can I transfer these allocations to the First Come First Serve Round?
No, unfortunately, you cannot transfer them. You can try to participate in the First Come First Serve Round on equal terms with everyone else. Additionally, if you repeatedly fail to use your allocations for a couple of sales, your wallet will be blacklisted, and you won't be able to participate in presales on Finceptor. Therefore, we recommend not registering for presales you won't participate in.