Refund Buyback Round

For the refundable token sales, if any tokens are refunded when the refund period ends, any user who has KYC’d and staked a predetermined amount of $FINC will be able to buy them from the refunded token pool.

The process will follow these steps:

  1. When the refund period ends, the refunded tokens and their corresponding USD value will be calculated at the IDO sale price.

  2. A maximum cap per wallet will be assigned based on the refund amount and will be specified on the sale page before round starts.

  3. The Refund Buyback Round will start a few hours after the end of the specified refund period of the sale.

  4. Users who have KYC'd and staked the predetermined amount of $FINC will be able to buy from the round at the IDO price and with the IDO vesting schedule and immediately claim the tokens. The amount of staking conditions will be shared per deal.

  5. There will be no refund option for the tokens bought in the Refund Buyback Round.

Note that the round is offered on a first-come-first-serve basis with a maximum cap per wallet. Even though there is a provided allocation, it does not guarantee that the user will be able to make a purchase. It's strongly recommended that users who want to participate act quickly.

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