Bond Guide

How do I participate in Bonds?

To participate in the Bonds on Finceptor, you need to stake $FINC to get an allocation and complete KYC.

You can refer to the KYC guide and the $FINC staking guide for further information.

Introducing Bonds by Finceptor

Bond is a new way to invest in exchange-listed tokens at a discount with a short-term vesting schedule. The vesting term is linear in unit time (i.e., every second), allowing investors to withdraw their tokens as they become unlocked.

Bond Types

  • Fixed: Sales with a fixed discount rate and a fixed vesting period.

  • Dynamic: Sales with a discount rate ranging from 10% to 20% and a vesting period that correlates with the discount rate, typically between 10 and 20 days.

Fixed Bond

A fixed-term bond is a type of bond where the discount rate and corresponding vesting term don't change over the sale. For example, a bond sale with a 10% discount and a 20-day vesting period, where both the discount rate and the vesting remain unchanged.

Dynamic Bond

A dynamic bond is a type of bond where the discount rate and corresponding vesting term change over the sale. The bond sale starts with an initial discount and corresponding vesting term. As users buy bond tokens, i.e., demand increases, the discount rate and corresponding vesting term decrease linearly.

Example 1: As an example, the bond sale starts with a 20% discount from the current market price with a linear vesting period of 20 days. As demand increases, the discount percentage and vesting period decrease. For example, as the sale progresses, the discount rate decreases to 19% with a 19-day linear vesting, then to 18% with an 18-day linear vesting, and so on, until it reaches a final stage of a 10% discount and a 10-day linear vesting. In this case, the tokens will be sold at an average discount of 15% and a vesting period of 15 days.

Suppose a bond with an initial discount rate of 20% and an end discount rate of 10%. Suppose that 1,000,000 tokens are for sale. If a user wants to purchase 500,000 tokens, the discount rate will be 17.5%. Since the user wants to purchase 50% of the bond supply, the first 250,000 tokens will be subjected to a 20% discount and the remaining 250,00 tokens will be subjected to 1a 5% discount. By averaging those discount rates, the final discount rate will be a 17.5% discount. Then, 17.5 days of linear vesting is applied.

Note that the vesting of the tokens starts at the moment of purchase. As an example, 50% of the tokens will be unlocked in the middle of the vesting.


Bonds enable investors/traders to purchase a token at a lower price than the current market value and also provide significant benefits to the project treasuries.

  • Benefits for users: Users can access tokens at a lower price point. Hence, even if the market value stays flat, users can generate returns by simply holding it.

  • Benefits for projects:

    • Facilitating the sale of treasury tokens without creating selling pressure on exchanges. This allows the project to generate cash for its treasury while dispersing selling pressure, contributing to the project's financial strength.

    • Projects expanding their tokens to other EVM-compatible chains could use bonds to generate chain-specific liquidity, enabling an easy way for tokens to be multi-chain.

    • Projects that want to list their publicly traded tokens on DEXes could use bonds to finance the liquidity needed to open liquidity pools in DEXes.

    • Providing financing options for projects seeking to list on new centralized exchanges.

    • Enhancing the project's visibility by attracting new investors and community members.

How Can I Participate in Bond Sales?

To participate in the Bonds on Finceptor, you need to stake $FINC to get an allocation and complete KYC. For every bond, users can see the eligibility requirements on the bond page. For example, users need to stake 2000 FINC tokens across Pre-Staking, DAO farm, Flexible and Locked stakings in total.

Hence, the required $FINC stake may change from one Bond sale to another. Anyone who stakes the required amount of $FINC and completes KYC grants access to the bond sale. In Bond sales, each individual will have a set maximum investment limit. Users can invest any amount they desire as long as it is equal to or below the specified maximum limit.

Then, for every bond sale, connect your Web3 wallet, enter the desired amount up to your allocation limit, and click on the "bond" button to complete the purchase. Don't forget to have $BNB in your web3 wallet for network fees.


After making your purchase, you can go to the Claim tab by clicking on the "Claim" button in the upper right of the tab. Here, you can see the amount of tokens you can withdraw over time. By clicking the "Claim" button and confirming the withdrawal from your Web3 wallet, you can withdraw your unlocked tokens to your Web3 wallet and use them as you wish.


I had staked 500 $FINC in the locked staking pool, and the required amount of $FINC to participate in a Bond sale was announced as 2000 $FINC. If I stake an additional 1500 $FINC in the flexible staking pool, can I access the Bond sale, or should all 2000 tokens be in the same pool?

It is not necessary for all the tokens you have staked to be in the same pool. As long as the total staked amount in both flexible and locked pools is equal to or greater than the announced participation amount, you can participate in Bond sales.

You announced two Bond sales, one requiring 500 $FINC and the other 2000 $FINC. Do I need to stake a total of 2500 $FINC to participate in both?

No, when you stake 2000 $FINC, you gain the right to participate in both.

Is there a separate staking pool for participating in Bond sales, or is it sufficient to stake in normal staking pools?

No, we do not have a separate pool for Bond sales. Staking the specified amount of $FINC in either flexible or locked staking pools is sufficient for participation in Bond sales. By staking in flexible or locked pools, you can earn staking rewards, gain allocations for IDOs, and participate in Bond sales.

Are Bond purchases made with $FINC?

No, purchases are made with USDT on the BNB chain.

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