Liquidity Provisioning

Finceptor recently introduced a new allocation policy in addition to staking $FINC on Finceptor: LP Staking. LP Staking involves deploying FINC-USDT Pancakeswap V2 liquidity, earning a 1.5x allocation boost.

With this feature, users who provide liquidity to the pool will also be able to earn a 1.5x allocation boost based on the pooled FINC amount from the sales in addition to their LP earnings.

The allocation policy is straightforward: The more and longer users provide liquidity, the bigger allocations they will earn.

How to Provide Liquidity

Go to Pancakeswap’s official website, navigate to the Liquidity section, choose V2, and click the Add Liquidity button. Then select the token pairs as $FINC / USDT. Or simply, head over to:

Ensure that you have sufficient $FINC and $USDT balances and enter the amounts to be provided as liquidity.

Enter the amount of $FINC you want to provide as liquidity and the equivalent dollar amount of $USDT. Then press the Enable FINC and Enable USDT buttons one at a time. Lastly, press the Add button that will be activated. Confirm each step from your web3 wallet.

Press the Confirm Supply button and confirm it from the web3 wallet.

Add Cake-LP to your web3 wallet and close the extension. Everything is done, and the allocation boost is active for Finceptor’s deals.

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