Increase your Allocation

The more and longer you stake FINC, the larger your allocation will be.

Users can accumulate larger allocations by staking more FINC tokens, staking for longer, or both. Another option is to deploy Pancakeswap V2 liquidity in the FINC-USDT market (LP staking).

Locked Staking provides the largest allocation multipliers to stakers; however, users' FINC holdings are locked and non-withdrawable for a certain period of time, while Flexible Staking provides unconditional and 7/24 withdrawal option; however, the allocation multiplier is less than Locked Staking. Finally, LP staking gives a moderate allocation boost as users need to put both FINC and USDT tokens, contributing to the liquidity of the project.

The Flexible Staking users who stake before the deals and unstake after the deals are automatically punished, resulting in a loss in the allocation powers.

Explore Flexible and Locked Staking further.

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