Bond Tier System

The bond tier system offers different levels of bond access based on your $FINC token stakings.

What does this mean for the users?

  • Fairness: Your allocation is directly tied to your FINC holdings, ensuring fairness.

  • More Access: Holding more FINC tokens means you get access to larger bond allocations.

  • Flexibility: Choose the allocation level that suits your investment strategy.

For example, from now on, the default bond allocation settings will look like as follows:

  • 1000 $FINC: 250 USDT

  • 2500 $FINC: 500 USDT

  • 5000 $FINC: 1000 USDT

  • 10000 $FINC: 2000 USDT

Note that this could vary over sales to determine the fairest way to manage allocations.

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